October 19, 2010

The Magic is the word here!

Sunset in Romania
The Magic is the word here!
In the Romanian Kingdom of Fairy-tales imagination is captured with intriguing treasures, old or new,
Connected with "real-world" where all the thoughts and written or spoken words come true.
Present and past merge in a strangest ways passing through the mixed Daco–Roman history.
What the eye sees, the mind can’t grasp. Ancient ruins help us to believe in our continuity?!

Sarmisegetuza, Romania

Amphitheater walls defying the horizon, reveal us gates in time opened in unexpected places
Thracian, Gothic, Romanic temples and medieval frescoes stubbornly resisting the ages.
The eyes wander about majestic old churches and castles spires pointing right up like natural weapons
In the last rays of sun falling aslant on the carpet of leaves, glittering with grace on the heavens.

Bran Castle, Romania

Now and ever, across the hills, the pastures seems to expand space in all directions.
Atop of unending forests, the sun-rays filter beauty through the waterways reflections.
The star-filled, moon-shine sky units with the peaks of the mountains at the horizon line,
Horses run again and again on the greenery hillocks and the stunning wilderness looks divine.

horse running on meadow

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