October 18, 2010

October, by George Topirceanu

George Topîrceanu (20.03.1886 - 07.05.1937) was a Romanian humorist, poet and writer with great taste for themes taken from nature, with a classic and modern style, making a deep synthesis of romanticism, realism and symbolism. He was a sentimental humourist with incisive and contemplative style, appreciated for his carefully constructed metaphors. He wrote three main volumes of poetry and for his verses was awarded in 1926 with the National Poetry Prize: " Ballads, Merry and Sad / Balade vesele şi triste" , " Original Parodies / Parodii originale", " Bitter Almonds / Migdale amare" .

 Olt River Valley in autumn

In "October" poem, Topîrceanu reveals his love for nature hiding under his mask of ironic, he describes yellow and red carpets of leaves covering the hills and personifies autumn as human fairy and romantic character walking through the gardens.

Autumn forest


Thanks to Lady A for the artistic translation to English

October has left on the fields
Yellow and red carpets.
Waves of silver clouds pass by
And roosters sound like love.

I always watch the barometer
And I shudder when is goes down a little bit
Because the sun is each day smaller
In diameter.

But under the warm sky as in May
White days follow one another
Even more shifting and more

Gone late untimely,
Autumn is walking through the gardens
With plaited mantles full
Of (chrysanthe)mums.

And it is hardly floating on its way
Like a marchioness
As if the whole Universe
Is watching after her surprised.

A lily, confused
By her missy appearance,
Turned yellow and went mad
And blossomed with excitement
For the second time...

Autumn reflection

The original poem in Romanian:


Octombrie-a lăsat pe dealuri
Covoare galbene şi roşii.
Trec nouri de argint în valuri
Şi cântă-a dragoste cocoşii.

Mă uit mereu la barometru
Şi mă-nfior când scade-un pic,
Căci soarele e tot mai mic
In diametru

Dar pe sub cerul cald ca-n mai
Trec zile albe după zile,
Mai nestatornice şi mai

Întârziată fără vreme
Se plimbă Toamna prin grădini
Cu faldurii hlamidei plini
De crizanteme.

Şi cum abia pluteşte-n mers
Ca o marchiză,
De parcă-ntregul univers
Priveşte-n urmă-i cu surpriză, -

Un liliac nedumerit
De-alura ei de domnişoară
S-a-ngălbenit, s-a zăpăcit
Şi de emoţie-a-nflorit
A doua oară…

 October's color of trees

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