November 4, 2010

Drowsy Birds, lyrics by Eminescu

Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) is considered Romania's national poet and he represents Romanian spirituality. Nicolae Iorga, The Romanian historian, considers Eminescu "the Godfather of the modern Romanian language". His proper name was Mihai Eminovici and his poems and prose comprise a large variety of themes, from nature and love to mystic, history and social commentary and have been translated in over 60 languages. 150 years after his birth, The Year 2000 was declared "Eminescu Year" by Romania's Government and also was declared "Year 2000 UNESCO Poet-of-the-Year" - with the intention that his "legend" to become a reference point for Romanian culture and for its reception abroad.
I'll share some of his poems, hoping that I'll offer you a glimpse into the magic of my native land and a large sight about the musicality and beauty of Romanian poetry.

" Drowsy Birds / Somnoroase pasarele" poem was published first time in Eminescu's volume "Poesii" in  December 1883.

Drowsy birds - Swans

                  Lyrics by Mihai Eminescu, Translation by Corneliu M Popescu.

SwansDrowsy birds at even gliding,
Round about their nests alight,
In among the branches hiding...
Dear, good night!

Silence through the forest creeping,
Lullaby the river sighs;
In the garden flowers sleeping...
Shut your eyes!

Glides the swan among the rushesGlides the swan among the rushes
To its rest where moonlight gleams,
And the angels' whisper hushes...
Peaceful dreams!

O'er the sky stars without number,
On the earth a silver light;
All is harmony and slumber...
Dear, good night!

Mihai Eminescu - Eternal Longing, Impossible Love

Somnoroase pasarele
By Mihai Eminescu
Glides the swans among the rushes
Somnoroase pãsãrele
Pe la cuiburi se adunã,
Se ascund în rãmurele -
Noapte bunã!

Doar izvoarele suspinã,
Pe când codrul negru tace;
Dorm si florile-n grãdinã -
Dormi în pace!

Drowsy birds - Glides the swan

Trece lebeda pe ape
între trestii sã se culce -
Fie-ti ângerii aproape,
Somnul dulce!

Peste-a noptii feerie
Se ridicã mândra lunã,
Totu-i vis si armonie -
Noapte bunã!

Enjoy `Somnoroase Pasarele`, singing Romanian Chamber Choir "Madrigal"


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