November 19, 2010

We have time..., by Octavian Paler

"A candle can do anytime what the sun can not ever, to shine in the dark. / 
O lumânare poate face oricând ceea ce nu poate face soarele niciodată: să lumineze în întuneric".Octavian Paler

"We have time" to remember some of the inspired Octavian Paler's quotes, poems, wishdoms and life's analysis. 
"Nothing durable can be achieved by indifference / 
Nimic durabil nu se poate întemeia pe indiferenţă."Octavian Paler

Octavian Paler was a Romanian writer, journalist,essayist, politician in Communist Romania, then became disident because of his pro-western views. After the fall or Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989, he continued his work as civil society activist and politics criticist and he founded  the Group for Social Dialogue / Grupul de Dialog Social together with Ana Blandiana and Gabriel Liiceanu and was Chief Editor at "Romania Libera"  newspaper.

"For me, Romania is not just one country, is a destiny! /
Pentru mine, România nu e doar o ţară. E un destin." Octavian Paler

Octavian Paler
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Octavian Paler (July 2, 1926 - May 7, 2007) was born in Lisa, Brasov County and he was educated at Spiru Haret High School in Bucharest. He studied Philosophy, Latin and Greek  and graduated Philosophy and Law at the University of Bucharest.  In his opera he shows the things as they are, he explained how life is precious. He was a person with inclination to introspection and analysis and captured in a sensible (and sometimes sad) manner the things as they are and explained how life is precious.

"Somewhere on the desperation limit, I always found hope /
Undeva spre limita disperării, eu am găsit totdeauna speranţa" Octavian Paler

From his opera I would remind:  Shadow Of Words / Umbra cuvintelor;  Imaginary Letters /Scrisori imaginare; Desert Forever / Desertul pentru totdeauna; A Lucky man/ Un om norocos; Life as a Bullfight / Viata ca o corida; Time of questions / Vremea intrebarilor; Pray that your wings may not grow / Rugati-va sa nu va creasca aripi; Cordian Polemics / Polemici cordiale.

"The Paradox of our time is that, over the history, we got taller buildings, but smaller souls then before. The freeways are wider, but the minds are much limited. We spending more, but we have less; we are buying much more, but we are enjoying a lot less .../  
Paradoxul vremurilor noastre in istorie este ca avem cladiri mai mari, dar suflete mai mici... Autostrazi mai largi, dar minti mai inguste; Cheltuim mai mult dar avem mai putin; cumparam mai mult, dar ne bucuram mai putin... "Octavian Paler

We have time
      by Octavian Paler  

We have time for everything, to sleep
To run back and forth, left and right
To regret what we did wrong and doing wrong again
to judge others and absolve ourselves,
We have time to read and write,
correct what we wrote, regret what we wrote,
we have time to make projects and never follow them
we have time to dwell in illusions
and stir through their ashes later.
We have time for ambitions and diseases,
to blame destiny and the details,
We have time to look at the clouds, at the ads, or some random accident,
We have time to banish our questions,
to postpone answers,
We have time to crush a dream and reinvent it,
We have time to make friends and to lose them,
We have time to take lessons and forget them after,
We have time to receive gifts and not understand them.
We have time for everything.
No time  for a little tenderness.
When we're about to do that, we die. 

Thanks to Flory for videoclip.

Avem timp
     versuri Octavian Paler
avem timp pentru toate. Sa dormim
sa alergam in dreapta si in stanga
sa regretam ce-am gresit si sa gresim din nou
sa-i judecam pe altii si sa ne absolvim pe noi insine
avem timp sa citim si sa scriem
sa corectam ce-am scris, sa regretam ce-am scris
avem timp sa facem proiecte si sa nu le respectam
avem timp sa ne facem iluzii
si sa rascolim prin cenusa lor mai tarziu
avem timp pentru ambitii si boli
sa invinovatim destinul si amanuntele
avem timp sa privim norii, reclamele sau un accident oarecare
avem timp sa ne-alungam intrebarile
sa amanam raspunsurile
avem timp sa sfaramam un vis si sa-l reinventam
avem timp sa ne facem prieteni si sa-i pierdem
avem timp sa primim lectii si sa le uitam dupa aceea
avem timp sa primim daruri si sa nu le intelegem
avem timp pentru toate
nu e timp pentru putina tandrete
cand sa facem si asta, murim.

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