December 16, 2010

Andreea Olariu, the Girl with a Golden-Voice

Andreea Olariu, named also "The girl with a golden-voice", is an exceptional Romanian talent, who has been born 14 years ago in Constanta to captivate audiences with her fantastic songs.

The last trophy won with Celine Dion’s piece, “I Surrender”, was the jury prize in the finals of the TV contest “Io canto” (I sing), organized in Italy and the Mike Bongiorno Foundation’s Bravo Bravissimo award, consisting in a scholarship at the Music and Art Show in Milan.

Her voice was awarded in the last 4 years with numerous 1st prizes at the national and international festivals of music.

Her first  trophy was won at the "Sea Dolphin" festival in Cumpana when she was 10 years old, but since she started singing 8 years ago, she won more than 15 trophies, few of them being at: Remember 2009, Snowflake 2009, Camena 2009, The Constellation of  Juniors 2009, The Festival of Youth, International Festival "George Grigoriu" .

As specialists in music said, Andreea’s amazing voice is compared to the one of Lara Fabian, internationally recognised as being the one with the largest register.

Succesfull also is her qualification at America’S Got Talent - her next challenge. Keep singing like that and the whole world will love you!

Good luck Andreea - it's your time!


Closer to Lucy said...

Lucy is out for a lil hopping...come by when you get time!

Sibel said...

Thank to u this great voice is shared to the world. If you hadn't stopped by I would of missed on a great performance... keep spreading the word.