December 31, 2010

Best wishes for 2011!

 Best wishes for 2011

Like every year, in the New Year Eve, each of us, in our soul, ask for blessing to start the new year having success in everything and thanks for the gifts that we received in the previous year. The Romanian Orthodox Patriarch pray for the New Year at the Patriarchal Cathedral from Bucharest. In the "Black Church / Biserica Neagra", Brasov, classical music is played and for most of the Romanians, "New Year" begin with the great message from the Romanian National Anthem "Wake up, Romanian / Deşteaptă-te, române" -  The lyrics of this Revolutionary Anthem composed by Andrei Muresanu (1816-1863) will always be "An Echo / Un rasunet" for Romanians (the initial name of the poem published during 1848 revolution).

"Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly sleep
Into which you've been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, your fate renew,
To which your enemies will bow"

"Deşteaptă-te, române, din somnul cel de moarte,
În care te-adânciră barbarii de tirani    
Acum ori niciodată croieşte-ţi altă soartă,    
La care să se-nchine şi cruzii tăi duşmani

It is time to forget the laws of physics or the global crisis and to let us to believe in superstitions and to be carried by dreams into a magical world. It is the time to enjoy "Romanians winter traditions / datini si obiceiuri romanesti" when your home is honored by the "The Bear/ Ursul" or "The Goat/ Capra" visits or is plowed by the people who bring wealth in your home when featured "The little plow/ Plugusorul":

I thank to Radu Cajvaneanu for his nice video posted with images from the Romanian Festival of Traditions and Customs "From ancestors, from good people" /  Festivalul de Datini si Obiceiuri "Din străbuni, din oameni buni" - Botoşani, 2009. 

It is the moment when "Bears"  and the "Calusarii "(Romanian dancers in traditional costume) are dancing for the New Year (thanks to DorohoiNews for the next video). Also, it is the time to listen, in the morning of the new day, January 1st, the wishes from Romanian "Sorcova" said by children while touching people with a special flowers and fruit tree twigs (apple-tree, pear-tree, cherry-tree, plum-tree) bouquet to bring good luck for the next 12 months:

"Merry "Sorcova", Long may be your life, long time may you flourish,
Like apple trees, or  pear trees  or like a blossoming rose bush.
Strong like a rock, quick like an arrow
Hard like iron and tougher than steel.
Over summer, over spring, may your health be great.
Have a New Year with Happiness!"

 Sorcova, vesela, sa traiti, sa infloriti,
Ca un mar, ca un par, ca un fir de trandafir
tare ca piatra, iute ca sageata
tare ca fierul, iute ca otelul
peste vara, primavara, nici capul sa nu te doara
La anul si La Multi Ani!

I wish you a Happy New Year and to have success in everything! / Un an nou cu sanatate , sa aveti succes in toate!

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