December 17, 2010

December, by George Bacovia

See how December is snowing
lyrics by George Bacovia

See how "December" is snowing ...
Look to the windows, my dear -
Tell them to bring in more embers,
And let me hear how fire is roaring.
Push the armchair near the stove
I'm listening the snow storm by the chimney,
Or my stormy days - it's the same -
I would like to learn their symphony.

Tell them also to bring in the tea,
And you come closer to me, please, -
Read me something about the poles,
Let it snow ... let's get buried in the snow.
How warm it is here in your home,
And everything is in, is sacred to me, -
See how "December" is snowing ...
Don't laugh ... just keep on reading.

It's day, but still darkness there is ...
Tell them to bring us a lamp,
Look, the snow has grown as the fence,
And the door-handle was caught by hoar-frost.
Today I'm not going home ...
It is a flood in front and behind me,
See how "December" is snowing ...
Don't laugh ... just keep on reading.

In December, you should have everything you need in your sacred house, enjoying with your families the serenity of peaceful life, looking at the playful flames dancing in your fireplace near Christmas tree, and listening "December" lyrics sung by Nicu Alifantis (Romanian folk singer, actor and poet born in 1954 in Braila).


 December is snowing
Te uita cum ninge decembrie,
Spre geamuri, iubito, priveste -
Mai spune s-aduca jaratec
Si focul s-aud cum trosneste.
Si mana fotoliul spre soba,
La horn sa ascult vijelia,
Sau zilele mele - totuna -
As vrea sa le-nvat simfonia.

Mai spune s-aduca si ceaiul,
Si vino si tu mai aproape, -
Citeste-mi ceva de la poluri,
Si ninga ... zapada ne-ngroape.
Ce cald e aicea la tine.
Si toate din casa mi-s sfinte, -
Te uita cum ninge decembre ...
Nu rade ... citeste-nainte.

E ziua si ce intuneric ...
Mai spune s-aduca si lampa -
Te uita, zapada-i cat gardul,
Si-a prins promoroaca si clanta.
Eu nu mai ma duc azi acasa ...
Potop e-napoi si-nainte,
Te uita cum ninge decembre,
Nu rade, citeste-nainte.

George Bacovia (1881-1957) was a great Romanian poet born in Bacau, who graduated The Bucharest Law College, with a large collection of writtings: "It's Raining", "Sonnet" "Winter Picture" "Neurosis" "Lead" "Yellow Sparks" "Pieces of Night" "With You" "Poems". For his volume "Poems" published in 1934, Bacovia won the Romanian National prize for Poetry.
Bacovia's poetic world, in an inseparable relationship with Romanian language and culture, was strangely coloured, bitter (he was known as a morbid, depressive poet) and when read his poems you'll be captivated by his melancholy and his obssesive/repetitive  rhymes. (The translation try to convey the Romanian connotation, although is hard to translate and to keep the original rhythm of his poems).

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