December 23, 2010

Traditional Romanian Christmas Songs

I sent a letter to Santa in which I told him what is the best present for me and who knows...?

Letter to Santa 2010

Is nice to remember how important was for me over the years that people once total strangers have become some of my dearest Friends, making me smile and laugh. You are in my thoughts and I wish to share with you my stories, my joy and my dreams,  to listen together with my family, personal friends or virtual friends over the web few Traditional Romanian Christmas Songs.

Happy Holidays everyone! Sarbatori Fericite tuturor!

High and deep is the Heaven 
Christmas Coral sung by Stefan Hrusca (Romanian folk singer who lived in Canada, known widely in Romania mostly by the Christmas carols he sings)

High and deep is the Heaven,
Mother is swinging her Baby 
Down in the stable of sweet slumber.
Child of the Holy Father!

And she is singing, till dawn
when descend upon the flowers
and on the face of her holy garment...
The Heaven's dew.

Sleep, Sweet Baby, till will be
Your crucifixion in one day...
And then will be saddest burial
Flower of embers..

Only thus the Holy Father
Through the long awaited revival
will displace you from the evil arms
Great star of the stars

Naltu-i Cerul Si Adanc  -
Colind de Craciun cantat de Stefan Hrusca

Naltu-i cerul si adanc,
Maica leagana un prunc,
Jos in ieslea somnului,
Fiul Domnului...

Si tot canta, pana-n zori,
Cand coboara peste flori,
Si pa fata straiului,
Roua Raiului...

Dormi pruncut pana-ti va fi,
Rastignirea-n plina zi
Si-apoi trista-ngropaciune,
Floare de taciune...

Doar asa Cerescul Tata,
Cu invierea asteaptata,
Te va smulge relelor,
Steaua Stelelor...

What did you see, shepherds?
Christmas Coral, singing Aurel Tamas and Angela Rusu (Romanian singers widely known by the traditional folk song they sing)

What did you see, shepherds
Wake up till dawn?
We saw the baby Jesus
Jesus, "The One" who came from the sky
The Son of God, The Son of God.

What palace did He have?
Where "the Lord" was staying?
Was a strange, cold cave.
The Beasts cave
Was his palace.
What did have as bedding
The little new-born?
A stable was his bed
Hay and straws was the bedding
for Little Jesus.

Who was staying with him,
the Little Lord?
Mary was staying, the Saint Mother,
Josef was staying, with his gentle face
They sat and made the cross sign.

Who sings for him?
Who did worship his image?
The Angels came from the Sky
Singing Happy songs
For the Little Lord.

What did you see, shepherds
Wake up till dawn?

Ce-ati vazut, pastori?
Colind de craciun cantat de Aurel Tamas and Angela Rusu (interpreti de seama al cantecului popular romanesc)

Ce-ati vazut pastori
Sculati pana-n zori?
Am vazut pe Prunc-Isusul
Prunc-Isus din cer venitul
Fiu Dumnezeiesc, fiu Dumnezeiesc

Ce palat avea
Unde Domnul sta?
Pestera straina, rece
Pestera de dobitoace
Palatul era, palatul era

Ce-avea de-asternut
Micul nou nascut
Ieslea ii era culcusul
Fan si paie asternutul
Micului Isus, micului Isus

Cine sta cu el
Domnul mititel
Sta Maria, Maica Sfanta
Sta Iosif cu fata-i blanda
Sta si se-nchina, sta si se-nchina

Cine ii canta
Cine-l premarea
Ingerii din cer venira
Vesele cantari doinira
Micului Stapan, Micului Stapan

Ce-ati vazut pastori
Sculati pana-n zori

Down There In Bethlehem

singing Cleopatra Stratan (Romanian singer born in Moldova, who sets the new world world record for the Youngest Successful Singer who performed live for two hours in front of a large audience - in 2006 when, at the age of 3 years, perform two hours, 28 songs long concert in Bucharest and the world record for the youngest singer who recorded an album) and Pavel Stratan (her father - Romanian singer born also in Moldova)

Down There In Bethlehem
The sky seems to burn brighter,
Today virgin Mary gives birth to the Christ.

She gives birth in a sheeps stable
To the Lord of all people.
Virgin Mary sits and cries quietly.

She has no cloth diapers
And no clothes to cover Him.
Virgin Mary to the Son of the God.

Do not cry, Holy Mother!

Do not cry, Holy Mother!
We will offer cloth diapers to your baby
Virgin Mary, you will wrap Him in swaddling clothes
Down There In Bethlehem.

La Betleem colo-n jos  

Colinda de Craciun,  canta Cleopatra Stratan si Pavel Stratan  

La Betleem colo-n jos
Cerul arde luminos,
Preacurata naste astazi pe Cristos.

Naste-n ieslea oilor
Pe-mparatul tuturor
Preacurata sta si plange-ncetisor.

N-are scutec de-nfasat,
Nici hainute de-mbracat
Preacurata pentru pruncul de-mparat.
Nu mai plange, Maica mea

Nu mai plange, Maica mea,
Scutecele noi ti-om da,
Preacurata pruncul sfant vei infasa.
La Betleem colo-n jos

Merry Christmas !  Craciun Fericit!


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