January 13, 2011

Tudor Gheorghe, Romanian Minstrel at the Longing Courts

Tudor Gheorghe, the "Minstrel at the Longing's Courts/ Menestrel la Curtile Dorului" as he entitled himself in 1969 in his first recital, is a Romanian master of speech,  singer, composer and actor. 
"The acacia trees went crazy / Au innebunit salcamii" sung by Tudor Gheorghe is one of the songs dear to my heart. I know - the (spring) time of joy and rebirth is still far, but when I hear this song, I recall the smell of the blooming acacia trees along the grandparent's fence! (and I translated with pleasure its lyrics).

The acacia trees went crazy
Feeling so much Spring around them,
Walking naked through the heavens
Being wholeheartedly in bloom.

They was blooming in the morning
White and soaked in morningdew
With strong scents of heavens
Plucked flowers, a new mystery.

The acacia trees went crazy
And along with their spring-illness
Seems that something magic happened
To the whole entire World.

Birds are feeling slightly dizzy
Spilling out their soul-birds
Wandering with many sorrows
Travelers among the stars.

The leafy green forest swings confudled
Not so quiet anymore
Keeping the oblong-moon
Like a heart-in-hand.

Can't you see my soul is spilling out
Through many chaotic words?
The acacia trees went crazy
And do you want me to abide peacefully?

Tudor Gheorghe
Tudor Gheorghe, photo courtesy of wikipedia
"Au inebunit salcamii
De atata primavara,
Umbla despuiati prin ceruri
Cu tot sufletu-n afara

Si l-au scos de dimineata
Alb si incarcat de roua
Cu miresme tari de ceruri
Smulse dintr-o taina noua.

Au innebunit salcamii
Si cu boala lor odata
S-a-ntamplat ceva imi pare
Si cu lumea asta toata

Pasarile aiurite
Isi scot sufletul din ele
Pribegind de doruri multe
Calatoare printre stele

S-a-mbatat padurea verde
Nu mai e asa de calma,
Tine luna lunguiata
Ca pe-o inima in palma

Nu-mi vezi sufletul cum iese
In haotice cuvinte,
Au innebunit salcamii
Si tu vrei sa fiu cumïnte?
Si tu vrei sa fiu cuminte?"

Tudor Gheorghe is living in Craiova, Dolj County, and was born in 1945 in Podari, a suburb of Craiova. He graduated the Theatre Institute in Bucharest and he starred in many plays staged by the National Theater of Craiova.
He is famous for his magic concerts of music and poetry in which he charmed with his guitar and his amazing voice that forward so many kind of emotions. Named also " the troubadour of the Romanian Song" - he devoted his life to Romanian culture, being one of the greatest promoters of folk songs, poetry (clasical and romanian folklore) and love of country, nature and art.

He tries to refund Romanian poetry and the music from the "old times" - rediscovering the music of the interwar period.

"Every time I listen to him - and this happens often - Tudor Gheorghe confirms my hunch that Romanian poetry can move the mountains / De fiecare data cand il ascult - si asta se intampla des- Tudor Gheorghe imi confirma banuiala ca poezia romanesca - populara si culta - poate misca muntii." Marin Sorescu (1936-1996 - Romanian poet and novelist)

"Every day we mock the love, birds and the sea and not realize that instead remains a desert of despair / În fiecare zi ne batem joc de păsări, de iubire şi de mare si nu băgăm de seamă că în loc rămâne un deşert de disperare." lyrics of the song "Every Day / In fiecare zi" by Romulus Vulpescu.   

Just listening his songs from his season's albums  "Symphonic Autumn / Toamna simfonic" "Spring/ Primavara" "Symphonic Winter/ Iarna simfonic" “Symphonic Summer/ Vara simfonic”. He explained himself  " I care / Imi pasa" in " Every day / In fiecare zi", letting us to wander " At the edge of Empires / La margine de imperii" about "The mistery of words/ Taina cuvintelor"  He is leaving as legacy Romanian traditional songs as "Doina" "Doina of love/ Doina iubirii" or "Doina of outlaws / Doina Haiducilor" or the archaic epic ballad "Mioritza / Miorita".

He detailed the difference between fiddler songs and poetry-music in his concerts "Party with Orchestra/ Petrecerea cu taraf” , “Party with Orchestra II/ Petrecerea cu taraf II” and “Party with Orchestra III/ Petrecerea cu taraf III".
Always spontaneous and sincere in his shows, he has a special light in his eyes and always forwards his emotions - laughing or crying from all the heart when talking or singing songs as " Laughters and Roses / Rasuri si Trandafiri" "The Perfumes of crazy desires/ Parfumele nebunelor dorinti" "The wheat flowers/ Florile graului" "There is my country/ Acolo este tara mea", "Looking to the Lost Longing/ In cautarea dorului pierdut". Please enjoy scenes from his live show " Traveler longing / Dorul Calator" for a better understanding of his magnificent performances .

Be blessed with a long and happy and healthy life!
Hope you'll fill many years our souls with the splendor of your concerts.

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