February 8, 2011

Prayer for Parents, by Adrian Paunescu

To our parents... wherever they are... for their love and endless support!

"One who has parents still living on Earth, not in Memories,
Is hearing even in the dreams the "crying eyes of the World"
One who has parents is not lost yet,
One who has parents has still a Past.

Cine are parinti pe pamant,nu in gand,
Mai aude si in somn ochii lumii plangand
Cine are parinti, inca nu e pierdut,
Cine are parinti are inca trecut.

fragment "The repeatable Burden / Repetabila Povara", Adrian Paunescu

Perhaps you agree that parents centered their lives around protecting and carrying for us. They loved us despite of our life choices, mistakes or weaknesses. However they are, better cherish, love and honor them ... before it's too late.

The next folk song sung by Stefan Hrusca and recited by the author itself, is dear to my heart since childhood. The lyrics were written by Adrian Paunescu and is one of the most touching poems dedicated to parents, very popular since was launched at his Literary Circle "The Flame" / Cenaclul Flacara", the Romanian Woodstock.

Prayer for parents

Enigmatically and tranquilly
While finishing their purpose
Beside us ... give up ... and die,
Our dearest, dearest parents.
God, please bring them back to us,
No matter how bad was their life,
And make them young as they once were,
Make them younger than we are.

For the ones who gave birth to us
Give an order ... Do something
To prolong their stay with us
Make them start over again.
They've paid with their life
for their sons' mistakes
God, give Eternal Life,
To our dying parents.

Behold them going away,
Behold them fading away,
Candles burning in a cuckoo's nest
As they ponder, as they snow.
Full of diseases and sufferings
All of us, are returning to the dust
As long as we are alive, as long as they are around ...
Honor and obey your parents.

The Earth is getting heavier
The departing is getting even harder
I kiss your hand, my father!
I kiss your hand, my mother!
But why are you looking at me like that
My daughter and my son?
I'll be the one to follow
My dear ones, I am leaving you as well.

I kiss your hand, my father!
I kiss your hand, my mother!
Farewell, my son!
Farewell, my daughter!
Oh my father, oh my son!
Oh my mother, oh my daughter!

Romanian lyrics:
Ruga pentru parinti

Enigmatici si cuminti
Terminandu-si rostul lor
Langa noi se sting si mor
Dragii nostri, dragi parinti.
Cheama-i Doamne, inapoi
Ca si-asa au dus-o prost
Si fa-i tineri cum au fost
Fa-i mai tineri decat noi.

Pentru cei ce ne-au facut
Da un ordin, da ceva
Sa-i mai poti intarzia
Sa o ia de la-nceput.
Au platit cu viata lor
Ale fiilor erori
Doamne, fa-i nemuritori
Pe parintii care mor.

Ia priviti-i cum se duc
Ia priviti-i cum se sting
Lumanari in cuib de cuc
Parca tac si parca ning.
Plini de boli si suferinti
Ne intoarcem in pamant
Cat mai suntem, cat mai sunt,
Mangaiati-i pe parinti.

E pamantul tot mai greu
Despartirea-i tot mai grea
Sarut mana, tatal meu!
Sarut mana, mama mea!
Dar de ce priviti asa
Fata mea si fiul meu
Eu sunt cel ce va urma
Dragii mei ma duc si eu.

Sarut mana, tatal meu!
Sarut mana, mama mea!
Ramas bun, baiatul meu!
Ramas bun, fetita mea!
Tatal meu, baiatul meu,
Mama mea, fetïta mea!


Xenia said...

I can see why this one has stayed with you for so long...

I think a lot of people realize that they needed to take the time to love and cherish their parents only after it's too late.

Better go call my mom! Have a good weekend! :)

Red Nomad OZ said...

What moving words! And they say there's always something lost in translation, too!! You're lucky to be able to read and understand the original.

Have a great day - and thanx so much for following my blog!!