February 25, 2011

Sabin Balasa, Painter Representative of Cosmic Romanticism

Encounter in the dawn - Sabin Balasa
Encounter in the dawn

Waiting Asteptare Sabin Balasa
Waiting  / Asteptare 
Poetry and art are almost a religion to me.
I love to understand the meanings of the written words hanged in trees branches, in the eyelids of a rising sun and in the mirroring waters and to admire artworks  in museums or exhibition centers.

Song between Day and Night Cantec intre zi si noapte Sabin Balasa
Song between day and night / Cantec intre zi si noapte

Let me share with you some of the classical and contemporary artworks made by Sabin Balasa, Romanian painter "representative of  Cosmic romanticism / reprezentant al romantismului cosmic" (as he described himself) .

Universe of Love / Universul Iubirii Sabin Balasa
Universe of Love / Universul Iubirii

Sabin Balasa (1932-2008) is one of the contemporary Romanian artists: painter, writer, author and director of animated painting movies,  who gratuated the Bucharest Fine Arts Institute in 1955.
Icarus / Icar Sabin Balasa
Icarus / Icar - mural painting
He has made many works inspired by Romanian traditions, history and mythology which were exposed in many galleries in Romania and abroad.  He painted mysterious legend characters as:
"Icarus/ Icar"
"Prometheus/ Prometeu"
"Dochia's Legend / Legenda Dochiei"
or Romanians heroes as:
" Decebalus / Decebal"
"Stephen the Great/ Stefan cel Mare".

Sabin Balasa - mural painting Moldova
Moldova - mural painting

 Many of his paintings inspired by the history and poetry of Romanian  people were realised as large mural fresco paintings in the "Hall of the Footfalls / Sala Pasilor Pierduti" gallerie at the  "Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi":
Sabin Balasa - mural painting Luceafarul
Luceafarul  Eminescu
"Aspiration/ Aspiratie"
"Amphiteheatre/ Amfiteatru",
" Homage to the founders / Omagiu Intemeietorilor"
"Generations/ Generatii"
"Triumph of life/ Triumful vietii"
"Atomic Disaster/ Dezastru Atomic"
"Exodus towards the light / Exodul spre lumina"
"Luceafarul (The Evening-Star)- Eminescu"

Exodus towards the light / Exodul spre lumina
Exodus towards the light / Exodul spre lumina

Other murals were painted at "The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies/ Academia de Studii Economice, Bucuresti" and "Low Danube University of Galati/ Universitatea "Dunarea de Jos" din Galati" or in private residences.

His animated painting movies were realized in the artist's youth in the '70s, and were appreciated internationally: " The City/ Orasul" "The Wave/ Valul"   "Phoenix Bird / Pasarea Phoenix"  "Return to the Future/ Intoarcere in viitor" "The Galaxy/ Galaxia"  "Ode/ Oda" "Exodus Towards the Light/ Exodul spre lumina".

Warriors/ Razboinicii
Warriors/ Razboinicii

His galleries were admired at Roma, Moscow, Stockholm, Tbilisi, Israel, Greece, and many of his paintings obtained prizes at international painting contests: very important beings "Gold Medal" at "European Painting Competition" in Italy in 1965 and the title " Accademico delle Nazioni" in Italy in 1983.

Springtime/ Primavara

Sabin Balasa was contested by many people because his propaganda works and was considered as the "Painter of the Ceausescu's court / Pictorul de curte al sotilor Ceausescu" .

Nicolae si Elena Ceausescu painted by Sabin Balasa
Nicolae si Elena Ceausescu

For those who are not familiar with Romanian history,  Nicolae Ceausescu (26 January 1918 – 25 December 1989) was the President of Romania from 1974 to 1989, President of the Romanian Council of State from 1967 to 1989 and Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989. He was known as a Romanian Communist Dictator who was overthrown in a Romanian revolution in December 1989. He and his wife, Elena Ceausescu, were sentenced to death by a military court in a televised court session and were executed on December 25th,1989 by a firing squad in Targoviste, Romania.  


Returning to Sabin Balasa, I like his abstract works, his imagination and his "blue" obsession and I consider his "Cosmic Wedding/ Nunta Cosmica" a perfect symbol of his unusual art.

"At the full of colors wedding of the World,
Has found a place of honor
Sabin Balasa's Blue,
Lighting by Absolute!"

"La nunta de culori a lumii,
Un loc de cinste şi-a făcut
Albastrul lui Sabin Bălaşa,
Iluminat de absolut."  

fragment " Blue Bereaved/ Albastru-ndoliat",   poem wrote by Adrian Paunescu to pay homage at his death.

Cosmic Wedding/ Nunta Cosmica, Sabin Balasa
Cosmic wedding / Nunta Cosmica

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