March 8, 2011

Iti Multumesc, Mama! Thank you, my Mother!

Snowbells as Mother's Day Gift, Ghiocei cadou de ziua mamei 8 Martie 2011

Iti Multumesc, Mama!
Iti multumesc pentru rabdarea cu care mi-ai picurat in ganduri farmec si magie
Sa-mi modelezi dorinta de frumos si nestiinta,
Si pentru noptile numai de noi stiute in care mi-ai alinat dureri si te-ai facut faclie
Sa-mi luminezi nesomnul, sa imi indrumi credinta.

Iti multumesc pentru povestile pe care mi le-ai depanat cu drag si daruire
Sa-mi stilizezi gandirea cu pilde de curaj si omenie,
Pentru zambetul tau cald si pentru ambientul fericit in care m-ai crescut cu grija si iubire
Sa ma incumet sa-mi urmez visele cu vitejie.

Iti multumesc mereu!
Si azi, ca-n fiecare an, iti dau in dar nu doar un ghiocel ci un intreg covor de flori,
Pe care il astern cu drag in calea ta drept multumire
Pentru atentia cu care m-ai crescut si pentru ale sufletului meu comori
Pe care mi le-ai dat ca mostenire.

Snowbells to my mom, Ghiocei pentru mama, 8 Martie 2011

I wrote this Romanian poem special to my mom, as Mother's Day gift and I hope it will be my mother's favorite present. I translate it in English because I want to  maintain the bilingual style of this blog.

Snowbells carpet to my mom, Covor de Ghiocei pentru Mama, 8 Martie 2011

Thank you, My Mother!
Thank you for your patience with which you've poured charm and magic into my soul's porch 
To fulfill my desire for beauty and my illiteracy
Thank you for the nights known only by us, when you calmed my pain and you've made yourself a torch
To brighten up my unsleeping, to guide my faith's journey.

Thank you for your stories you've told me dozens of times with love and devotion
Shaping my thinking with examples of kindness and acts of bravery
Thank you for your warm smile and for the heavenly realm in which you raised me up with affection
Giving me the courage to follow my dreams bravely.

Thank you always!
And today, like every year, I give you as gift not just a snowdrop. A full carpet of flowers in bloom
That you deserved it, is blanketed your way, by my paid homage
To your tender heart with which I've grown and for the treasures of my heirloom
That you have given me as precious heritage.

Thank you, my mother! Iti multumesc, Mama! - Ghiocei / Snowbells - 8th March 2011

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