May 19, 2011

A Different Way to Promote Romania

Today I choose to feature an interesting website I've found few days before of one of the new Romanian independent organization (since 2009). So, browsing on the internet,  I came across the Romanian Centre for European Policies / Centrul Roman de Politici Europene (CRPE)  website and I spent a lot of time reading about their mission, strategy, and some of their projects.
I like their mission "to promote Romania, and to advance the Europenization processes in Romania".

European union flag

In post-communist economy of Romania is welcoming any expertise in order to aid in  advertising the  European principles and anyone reading their projects about how to became "Romania more active in European Debates/ Romania Activa in Dezbaterile Europene"  or "How to build the capacity of the Romanian Parliament to be an active European actor / Intarirea capacitatii Parlamentului roman de a fi un actor european activ" can figure out how necessary is the professional implication of all the experts in European policies, legislation and processes to support Romanian Institutions in the sinuous way of EU's integration of Romania.  Their projects were sponsored by foundations like Romanian Soros Foundation / Fundatia Soros România, Friedrich Ebert Foundation/ Fundatia Friedrich Ebert and Romanian Academic Society / Societatea Academica din România.

Romania had to counteract to the negative effects of the global crisis but need also to increase the reformist efforts and to improve the European Union perception about its "rally" to take a turn for the better. Thanks to all the initiatives to enhance the quality of life in Romania!

 Romanian magic rainbow

With patience and implication, people can improve their lives... and the rainbow can have such an amazing glow to the Romanian land of magic ;-)!

May 6, 2011

Happy Mother Day

Mother's Day / Ziua Mamei is celebrated in Romania, since last year, in the first Sunday of May. The Law 319/2009 in the form adopted by the Senate of Romania provides that the Mother's Day is celebrated in the first Sunday of May and the Father's Day is celebrated in the second Sunday of May.  Unofficially, 'till last year, Mother's Day in Romania was celebrated on March 8, together with International Women's Day as a leftover tradition from the communist period (in 1965 it was declared it official Holiday in the Soviet block). I grow up in this tradition, this is why I wrote "Iti Multumesc, Mama! Thank you, my Mother!" poem as gift to my mom in March 8th.

Mother's Day / Ziua Mamei 2011

Actually, the dates and months of Mother's Day differ from country to country. Important is that the Romania declared official Holidays these days of May to honor all the persons who have such a great impact in our lives.  Today, special for our moms, a lovely video-clip with a song dear to my heart: Mother / Mama.

It's such a pleasure watching mums with their babies when listening the  lyrics sung by Catalin Crisan .... and, indeed, as the refrain said:

If I am MAN, If I am Alive
I just want to thank you
My Mom, 
You taught me to have a heart,
To know who I am and who I was before,
My Mom,
To understand what HOME means,
And when I'm talking about my home,
I'm thinking to you, my dear Mom.

Daca sunt OM, daca traiesc,
Doar tie vreau sa iti multumesc
M-ai invatat sa am un rost,
Sa stiu ce sunt, sa stiu ce am fost
Sa pricep ce inseamna ACASA,
Si vorbind de casa mea
Sa ma gandesc la dumneata, Maicuta mea.

Happy Mother's Day!

May 5, 2011

Razy Gogonea, the Matrix Guy

Razy Gogonea aka "Matrix Man" is a 28-year-old breakdancer, originally from Romania, who amazed the "Britain's Got Talent 2011" judges with his unique performance.

Dressed as Keanu Reeves' character NEO from the "The Matrix" movie, Razy was bending his body absolutely amazing. Some of the Matrix Break Dance moves that he has done in this video I have never seen done before.

He got three YES's to pass the next round of Britain's Got Talent 2011...

Good luck, Razy!