June 6, 2011

Explore the Carpathian Garden 2011

Romania, the Charming Romanian Folk Art and Folklore

On May 31th, 2011, under Romania's tourist brand "Explore the Carpathian Garden" launched last year at Shanghai, was started a new campaign to promote Romania internationally as a tourism destination.

The Romanian's Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism campaign / Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale şi Turismului  invites again  the foreigners to Explore the Carpathian Garden on three international television channels: CNN, Euronews and Eurosport.


Important is that the advertising actions will run for a year, and the total value of the promotion campaign (4.96 million euros, with VAT, according to the website of  The Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism / Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale şi Turismului)  are non-reimbursable European Union funds, the promotion of Romanian tourism for 2011-2012 period on international media being financed under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Axis 5/ Programul Operaţional Regional 2007-2013, Axa 5,  the operation ”Creating a positive image of Romania as a tourism destination by defining and promoting the national tourism brand / Crearea unei imagini pozitive a României ca destinaţie turistică prin definirea şi promovarea brandului turistic naţional

The advertising spots talk about Romania: one make an overall description, other two being more specific: about Romanian's nature and culture.

Explore yourself the Carpathian Garden watching them and believe me: the Romanian culture, the people and the places full of inspiration and history like Romanian Unesco World Heritage Sites are full of magic!

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