November 30, 2011

Why I Love Romania? De Ce Iubesc Romania?

I was recently captivated by the  " Why I love Romania / De Ce Iubesc Romania" campaign launched by "Mediafax Group" together with "Grafitti BDDO" for  December 1st, the National Day of Romania.  This simple but robust campaign, with informative posters (downloaded worldwide by Romanians) about Henri Coanda, Nadia Comaneci, Ilie Nastase, Stefan Odobleja and Nicolae Paulescu , stuck with in my head and I kept wondering what make me proud to be Romanian.

Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Henri Coanda afis
Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Henri Coanda poster

Well, as Octavian Paler said "For me, Romania is not just one country, is a destiny! / Pentru mine, România nu e doar o ţară. E un destin."  and "we have time" to achieve many durable things.

As a child, I walked through Romania following the imaginary threads of Alexandru Vlahuta's descriptions from "The picturesque Romania / Romania Pitoreasca", and sometimes I'm wondering
" Where are our dreamers / Unde ni sunt visatorii"

I grew up learning to love my country, its nature, poetry, traditions and art. I was carried by dreams between Traditional Romanian Christmas Songs  and Tudor Gheorghe's songs (the "Minstrel at the Longing's Courts/ Menestrel la Curtile Dorului").

Mircea Rusu has filled with charm many lonesome days, making many travellers around the world to dream to their "Home's Green Grass / Iarba verde de acasa" with a "Tear of longing / Lacrima de dor" on their faces.

Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Nadia Comaneci poster romana
Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Nadia Comaneci poster

"Why I love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania"
I learned that "Nothing durable can be achieved by indifference / Nimic durabil nu se poate întemeia pe indiferenţă." Octavian Paler and profetic lyrics, parts of Romanian Cultural Heritage, have enriched my soul and enlightened my days. Mihai Eminescu's poems like "A Dacian's Payer / Rugaciunea unui Dac " or "God and Man" / "Dumnezeu si Om" are always dear to my heart.  Toparceanu, Minulescu, Bacovia, Grigore Alexandrescu, Marin Sorescu, Nichita Stanescu, Adrian Paunescu , Neagu Djuvara or Arthur Gorovei... are just few of the magnficent people who gave us the fullness of their soul. 

Amza Pellea, the Magnificent Actor with big heart and open mind, was a genius who left his mark on Romanian culture and cinematography. "Michael the Brave/ Mihai Viteazul" and the Dacian King  in "The Dacians/ Dacii" will be forever associated with him. Nea Marin's jokes interpreted in "Happy moments with  Nea Marin" / "Momente vesele cu Nea Marin" shows, cheered up my childhood.

Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Stefan Odobleja poster romanaWhy I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Stefan Odobleja poster

"Why I love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania"
Romania is a “magic museum” famous for its unchanged way of life and dramatic-wild scenery, its cultural heritage and for its well-preserved historic monuments, rustic villages and religious architectures. Let's talk about  UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania, Dracula's Castle, Romanian Monasteries in Oltenia, about the "Târgu Jiu Sculptural Ensemble" part of Constantin's Brancusi legacy,  or about mural paintings of Sabin Balasa, "Painter Representative of Cosmic Romanticism/ reprezentant al romantismului cosmic"

Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Ilie Nastase poster romana
Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Ilie Nastase poster

"Why I love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania"
Romania has a "Magic Land". " To see far is one thing, going there is another." Constantin Brancusi
Romania joins in its territory all the tourist attractions that makes any journey along its land to became an unique and unforgettable experience for every traveler. There are many beautiful and unique natural wild territories, and places full of inspiration and history inherited by Romanians from Thracians,  Dacians and Romans: Danube River, Danube Gorges/ Cazanele Dunarii and The Biosphere Reserve  Danube Delta / Delta Dunarii,  Busteni, Prahova Valley, and the Carpathian Mountains, Bucegi Natural Park/ Parcul Natural Bucegi, Cozia Mountains and the Olt River Valley.

Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Nicolae Paulescu poster romana
Why I Love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania? Nicolae Paulescu poster

"Why I love Romania?  De Ce Iubesc Romania"

Because "The Magic is the word here!" and
"In the Romanian Kingdom of Fairy-tales imagination is captured with intriguing treasures, old or new,
Connected with "real-world" where all the thoughts and written or spoken words come true."

Happy National Day, Romania!  La Multi Ani, Romania! 

November 29, 2011

Happy National Day!

  The "Romania's National Day / Ziua Nationala a Romaniei" is almost here again... with military parades and official manifestations in most cities across the country, live concerts and festivals. December 1st, the "Great Union Day / Ziua Marii Uniri" has been declared National Day since 1990, although it was celebrated since 1918, when all the historical Romanian territories were unified into 'Greater Romania / Romania Mare', under the Romanian Tricolor Flag (you may read more about it here: December 1st, Romania's National Day).

  The Romanian Tricolor Flag has an interesting history (you may read more on wikipedia:  The history of the flags of Romania).  I just want to show you some variants used over time...

* the official flag before the union differed from the actual tricolor, having horizontal stripes with the blue strip on top

Flag of Wallachian Revolution of 1848 horizontal stripes.
Flag of Wallachian Revolution of 1848. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

* the Flag of the King  (between 1898 - 1922)  had a princely crown in corners and the country's coat of arms in the middle

Flag of the King - 1898-1922.  Photo courtesy of wikipedia
Flag of the King - 1898-1922. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

* the Flag of the Socialist Republic of Romania, had the coat of arms with a red star and the words REPUBLICA SOCIALISTĂ ROMÂNIA.

Flag of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

*Nowadays, the flag has only 3 vertical stripes, with no coat of arms or words on it. The Day of June 26th is the Day of the National Flag of Romania / Ziua Drapelului National. The meaning of the colors, proclaimed on 1848, June 26, is   “Liberty (sky-blue), Justice (field yellow), Fraternity (blood red)/ Libertate (Albastru), Dreptate (Galben), Fratie (Rosu)”. 

Romanian Tricolor Flag

Anyhow, I'm waiting December 1st, to see how people will flutter the national flag and I hope they will sing / dance once again, in public places, the traditional "Hora of the Union/ Hora Unirii",  the Romanian Hymn of the Union of the Principalities.

 Doina Gorjului dancing Hora of the Union / Hora Unirii
 Doina Gorjului folk dance ensemble,  dancing Hora of the Union / Hora Unirii

Happy National Day, Romania!  La Multi Ani, Romania!
Let's celebrate together  with the "Sonnet I / Sonet I" verses of Romanian bard Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889).

It's autumn outside, the leaves were scattered,
While heavy drops were flung by wind into the windows;
And you're reading letters in tattered envelopes
And in just one-hour rethink your life again.

You'd waste your time with merest trifles
And you don't want someone knocks at your door;
But it is better when it is mudding outside
To daydream at a fireside, sleepily swaying your head.

So I lulled into passivity by thought streams,
Dreaming about the fairy Dochia’s tale
While thick mist has settled in layers around me.

And suddenly I hear a sound of rustling dress,
A softly footstep is touching the old floor...
Then icy, delicate hands are covering my eyes.

Afara-i toamna, frunza 'mprastiata,
Iar vântul svârla 'n geamuri grele picuri;
Si tu citesti scrisori din roase plicuri
Si într'un ceas gândesti la viata toata.

Pierzându-ti timpul tau cu dulci nimicuri,
N'ai vrea ca nimeni 'n usa ta sa bata;
Dar si mai bine-i, când afara-i sloata,
Sa stai visând la foc, de somn sa picuri.

Si eu astfel ma uit din jet de gânduri,
Visez la basmul vechiu al zânei Dochii,
În juru-mi ceata creste rânduri-rânduri;

De odat'aud fosnirea unei rochii,
Un moale pas abia atins de scânduri...
Iar mâni subtiri si reci mi-acoper ochii.

November 22, 2011

Ana Aslan, the Inventor of Anti-Aging Therapy

It is a must to remember Dr. Ana Aslan's (1897-1988) contribution into the anti-aging research and her worldwide recognized results. She was a very fascinating medical research scientist who had dedicated her energy to searching a way to slow down the aging process and to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and the ravages of age.

 Ana Aslan, the Inventor of Anti-Aging Therapy
Dr. Ana Aslan, photo courtesy of wikipedia
Gerovital H3 brand
Gerovital H3 - Romanian Brand

In 1988, when she died, I did not realized how important was her contribution in the Gerontology area, although I heard many times about famous personalities who came to Bucharest to follow "Gerovital H3 Treatment" aka "Ana Aslan's Therapy" to the Romanian National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

After beginning her career as a specialist in treating arthritis, Dr. Aslan began working with Constantin Ion Parhon (1874- 1969), which was recognized worldwide as a neuropsychiatrist, endocrinologist and politician. They worked together with a team of researchers at the "Parhon Institute of Endocrinology, Bucharest " / "Institutul de Endocrinologie Parhon, Bucuresti" to develop a treatment to combat aging,and in 1955 they published "Novocain- eutrophic and antiaging factor"/ "Novocaina; factor eutrofic si întineritor în tratamentul profilactic si curativ al batrînetii" under "Editura Academiei Republicii Populare Romane/ Academy of Republic of Romania" publisher.

 Gerovital Plant nourishing cream / crema nutritiva

I discovered first Ana Aslan's Anti Aging Cosmetics lines for skin care and hair care, made of natural plant extracts and clay by the Romanian Company Farmec:  "Gerovital H3", "Gerovital Plant" and "Aslavital".

Gerovital H3 Evolution anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging super-enzyme

Latter on, I passed along a review of the results of the extended investigations in developing Gerovital H3 therapy, published in 1977 by "National Institut of Gerontology and Geriatrics", in the " Gerovital H3: Neurotropic, antidepressive, vitaminic, eutrophic and regenerative factor in the treatment of ageing and trophic disturbances" book.  I have no intention to talk about their steps for developing the renewed "Gerovital H3" drug, promoted as "elixir of youth",  which influences the aging mechanisms at molecular level. I was impressed by the research program developed by the National Institut of Gerontology and Geriatrics / Institutul National de Gerontologie si Geriatrie (the oldest institute of this kind worldwide, named "Ana Aslan Institute" after her) under Romanian Communist Government.

 Gerovital H3 Injections/ Solutie Injectabila

As a reward for her contribution to the development of gerontology and geriatrics, Dr. Ana Aslan was nominated in 1982 by Nicolae Ceausescu for "Leon Bernand" Prize. Together with this distinction granted by the the World Health Organization, she obtained many other international distinctions, the most noticeable being The Oscar Prize (Italy, 1973). She became member of many medical scientific associations for Gerontology and Geriatrics across the world: US, URSS, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and, accordingly to the official website,  nowaday the "ASLAN Institute Group" is present in US, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt, Panama and South America.

In 1985, Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan published a synthesis of her research:  "Techniques and effects of Gerovital H3 treatment-after 34 years of use" where those interested can read more about the antiaging effects of GH3 in wrinkles, spots, eczema or psoriazis. She really dedicated her life to the studying of aging problems. It is a priceless legacy of medical research and I'm honored that her contribution often shows up on the internet. And like so many other before me, over the years, I've come to appreciate her results ;-)
A Posthumous "Thank you" to the scientist who gave a new meaning to the "anti-aging" concept.

November 13, 2011

We Wish You a Happy Birthday!

   We wish you never a sorrow come to you, and good fortune reaches you at every turn to,
   The life brings only joy around, when you'll enjoy all beauties you should view.
   We wish you share your happiness and realize all your desires
   Getting better and better and learning how to gain supporters and admirers,
   We wish you never be afraid to doubt, to face your problems or laugh at yourself,
   Learn climbing up your hill, reaching the top without be stuck on any shelf.
   We wish you all the best in all your decision-making and good luck, too.
   Enjoy the sunshine of your life, follow your heart and we know your dreams will come true.

Pink minigarden and joyful wishes for our nephew's birthday

We wish a Joyful and Happy Birthday to my nephew, who reaches the age of majority!

November 2, 2011

In Memoriam Adrian Paunescu

I cannot believe it's been almost a year since that sad  "Last Day / Ultima zi", (November 5th, 2010) when Adrian Paunescu passed away. Time really has flown by. I cannot say that he is dead, he was just wondering away in "The Train to Nowhere / Trenul spre Neant". The magic of its words reappears to gladden the pathway of those who remember his lyrics, although he wrote them a long time ago.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Thomas Campbell

Adrian Paunescu display, in front of his house, Barca, Romania
Adrian Paunescu display, in front of his house, Barca, Romania

Adrian Paunescu is still welcoming those who visit his house in Barca, Dolj County, Romania (I took the pictures this summer in my vacation when I pass by).  His picture is watching people who read both: the "First Path/ Primul Drum " poem and "The Flame / Flacara" magazine published under his editorship, displayed at the left of the main entrance of his childhood's house.

Adrian Paunescu display welcoming the visitors of his house in Birca, Romania
Adrian Paunescu's  display welcoming the visitors of his house, in Barca, Romania

The Train to Nowhere

Lyrics Adrian Paunescu, 
The translation is just my way to pay homage to his opera.

I'm coming with my whole life wearing an open collared shirt
And I'm waiting at the station for a train of abyss,
There are no railstations and swithcman, beyond this point,
The stars just got larger and the trees began to thin out.

I'll take the train to nowhere, I bought a ticket,
I turn the music up, I turn the heartbeat down,
I hear it a buzzing, the embankment seems bereft of human beings, 
The station guard is shouting a raport through megaphone.

I let the passengers to say whatever they want, 
I am ready to get off the train if they get on,
I am the passenger to nowhere,  this is enough to me,
I'll pay with my last monies to die without being dissaproved.

I'll make the trip, anyhow,
I am waiting for my train in the last station,
And I think I heard what sounded like a voice
Arguing me for something, nagging me.

It is my shadow overlaid with the light from a kerosene lamp,
Its lugubrious shape will overlay the shadow of a train,
No one else is here, all had already died before,
My life beggins of nothingness and I cannot go out of it.

When crickets carry the light of heaven from place to place,
I sit in my train gazing at the window, and I start to perish
It's kind of arousing that it is no train to nowhere,
I'l take the nowhere to nowhere, nowhere to nowhere.

Trenul spre Neant 

versuri Adrian Paunescu

Eu vin cu toata viata mea si gulerul deschis
Si pe peron astept un tren ce merge spre abis,
De-aici incolo nu mai sunt nici gari si nici acari
Doar stelele sunt tot mai mari si pomii tot mai rari.

Voi lua un tren catre neant, mi-am cumparat bilet,
Mai tare muzica o dau si inima incet,
Se-aude-un zumzait marunt, terasamentu-i mort,
Prin megafon feroviar se tipa un raport.

Dar eu ii las pe pasageri sa zica tot ce vor,
Eu, daca ei se urca-n tren, sunt gata sa cobor,
Sunt pasagerul spre neant, si mi-e destul atat,
Cu cei din urma bani ai mei nu vreau sa mor urat.

Calatoria tot o fac, oricat ar fi de greu,
La cap de linie astept sa vina trenul meu.
Dar mi se pare ca aud un glas cum n-a mai fost
Certandu-ma pentru ceva,luandu-ma la rost.

E umbra mea sub felinar, sinistrul ei desen,
Ce va cadea la randul ei in umbra unui tren,
Nu mai e nimeni pe aici, toti au murit candva,
Eu sunt de-o viata in neant si nu am cum pleca.

Cand greieri duc din loc in loc luminile din cer,
M-asez la geam in trenul meu si simt ca-ncep sa pier,
Nu-i nici un tren catre neant, ci fapt interesant,
Voi lua neant catre neant, neant catre neant.