November 29, 2011

Happy National Day!

  The "Romania's National Day / Ziua Nationala a Romaniei" is almost here again... with military parades and official manifestations in most cities across the country, live concerts and festivals. December 1st, the "Great Union Day / Ziua Marii Uniri" has been declared National Day since 1990, although it was celebrated since 1918, when all the historical Romanian territories were unified into 'Greater Romania / Romania Mare', under the Romanian Tricolor Flag (you may read more about it here: December 1st, Romania's National Day).

  The Romanian Tricolor Flag has an interesting history (you may read more on wikipedia:  The history of the flags of Romania).  I just want to show you some variants used over time...

* the official flag before the union differed from the actual tricolor, having horizontal stripes with the blue strip on top

Flag of Wallachian Revolution of 1848 horizontal stripes.
Flag of Wallachian Revolution of 1848. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

* the Flag of the King  (between 1898 - 1922)  had a princely crown in corners and the country's coat of arms in the middle

Flag of the King - 1898-1922.  Photo courtesy of wikipedia
Flag of the King - 1898-1922. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

* the Flag of the Socialist Republic of Romania, had the coat of arms with a red star and the words REPUBLICA SOCIALISTĂ ROMÂNIA.

Flag of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

*Nowadays, the flag has only 3 vertical stripes, with no coat of arms or words on it. The Day of June 26th is the Day of the National Flag of Romania / Ziua Drapelului National. The meaning of the colors, proclaimed on 1848, June 26, is   “Liberty (sky-blue), Justice (field yellow), Fraternity (blood red)/ Libertate (Albastru), Dreptate (Galben), Fratie (Rosu)”. 

Romanian Tricolor Flag

Anyhow, I'm waiting December 1st, to see how people will flutter the national flag and I hope they will sing / dance once again, in public places, the traditional "Hora of the Union/ Hora Unirii",  the Romanian Hymn of the Union of the Principalities.

 Doina Gorjului dancing Hora of the Union / Hora Unirii
 Doina Gorjului folk dance ensemble,  dancing Hora of the Union / Hora Unirii

Happy National Day, Romania!  La Multi Ani, Romania!
Let's celebrate together  with the "Sonnet I / Sonet I" verses of Romanian bard Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889).

It's autumn outside, the leaves were scattered,
While heavy drops were flung by wind into the windows;
And you're reading letters in tattered envelopes
And in just one-hour rethink your life again.

You'd waste your time with merest trifles
And you don't want someone knocks at your door;
But it is better when it is mudding outside
To daydream at a fireside, sleepily swaying your head.

So I lulled into passivity by thought streams,
Dreaming about the fairy Dochia’s tale
While thick mist has settled in layers around me.

And suddenly I hear a sound of rustling dress,
A softly footstep is touching the old floor...
Then icy, delicate hands are covering my eyes.

Afara-i toamna, frunza 'mprastiata,
Iar vântul svârla 'n geamuri grele picuri;
Si tu citesti scrisori din roase plicuri
Si într'un ceas gândesti la viata toata.

Pierzându-ti timpul tau cu dulci nimicuri,
N'ai vrea ca nimeni 'n usa ta sa bata;
Dar si mai bine-i, când afara-i sloata,
Sa stai visând la foc, de somn sa picuri.

Si eu astfel ma uit din jet de gânduri,
Visez la basmul vechiu al zânei Dochii,
În juru-mi ceata creste rânduri-rânduri;

De odat'aud fosnirea unei rochii,
Un moale pas abia atins de scânduri...
Iar mâni subtiri si reci mi-acoper ochii.


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