November 2, 2011

In Memoriam Adrian Paunescu

I cannot believe it's been almost a year since that sad  "Last Day / Ultima zi", (November 5th, 2010) when Adrian Paunescu passed away. Time really has flown by. I cannot say that he is dead, he was just wondering away in "The Train to Nowhere / Trenul spre Neant". The magic of its words reappears to gladden the pathway of those who remember his lyrics, although he wrote them a long time ago.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Thomas Campbell

Adrian Paunescu display, in front of his house, Barca, Romania
Adrian Paunescu display, in front of his house, Barca, Romania

Adrian Paunescu is still welcoming those who visit his house in Barca, Dolj County, Romania (I took the pictures this summer in my vacation when I pass by).  His picture is watching people who read both: the "First Path/ Primul Drum " poem and "The Flame / Flacara" magazine published under his editorship, displayed at the left of the main entrance of his childhood's house.

Adrian Paunescu display welcoming the visitors of his house in Birca, Romania
Adrian Paunescu's  display welcoming the visitors of his house, in Barca, Romania

The Train to Nowhere

Lyrics Adrian Paunescu, 
The translation is just my way to pay homage to his opera.

I'm coming with my whole life wearing an open collared shirt
And I'm waiting at the station for a train of abyss,
There are no railstations and swithcman, beyond this point,
The stars just got larger and the trees began to thin out.

I'll take the train to nowhere, I bought a ticket,
I turn the music up, I turn the heartbeat down,
I hear it a buzzing, the embankment seems bereft of human beings, 
The station guard is shouting a raport through megaphone.

I let the passengers to say whatever they want, 
I am ready to get off the train if they get on,
I am the passenger to nowhere,  this is enough to me,
I'll pay with my last monies to die without being dissaproved.

I'll make the trip, anyhow,
I am waiting for my train in the last station,
And I think I heard what sounded like a voice
Arguing me for something, nagging me.

It is my shadow overlaid with the light from a kerosene lamp,
Its lugubrious shape will overlay the shadow of a train,
No one else is here, all had already died before,
My life beggins of nothingness and I cannot go out of it.

When crickets carry the light of heaven from place to place,
I sit in my train gazing at the window, and I start to perish
It's kind of arousing that it is no train to nowhere,
I'l take the nowhere to nowhere, nowhere to nowhere.

Trenul spre Neant 

versuri Adrian Paunescu

Eu vin cu toata viata mea si gulerul deschis
Si pe peron astept un tren ce merge spre abis,
De-aici incolo nu mai sunt nici gari si nici acari
Doar stelele sunt tot mai mari si pomii tot mai rari.

Voi lua un tren catre neant, mi-am cumparat bilet,
Mai tare muzica o dau si inima incet,
Se-aude-un zumzait marunt, terasamentu-i mort,
Prin megafon feroviar se tipa un raport.

Dar eu ii las pe pasageri sa zica tot ce vor,
Eu, daca ei se urca-n tren, sunt gata sa cobor,
Sunt pasagerul spre neant, si mi-e destul atat,
Cu cei din urma bani ai mei nu vreau sa mor urat.

Calatoria tot o fac, oricat ar fi de greu,
La cap de linie astept sa vina trenul meu.
Dar mi se pare ca aud un glas cum n-a mai fost
Certandu-ma pentru ceva,luandu-ma la rost.

E umbra mea sub felinar, sinistrul ei desen,
Ce va cadea la randul ei in umbra unui tren,
Nu mai e nimeni pe aici, toti au murit candva,
Eu sunt de-o viata in neant si nu am cum pleca.

Cand greieri duc din loc in loc luminile din cer,
M-asez la geam in trenul meu si simt ca-ncep sa pier,
Nu-i nici un tren catre neant, ci fapt interesant,
Voi lua neant catre neant, neant catre neant.

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