November 13, 2011

We Wish You a Happy Birthday!

   We wish you never a sorrow come to you, and good fortune reaches you at every turn to,
   The life brings only joy around, when you'll enjoy all beauties you should view.
   We wish you share your happiness and realize all your desires
   Getting better and better and learning how to gain supporters and admirers,
   We wish you never be afraid to doubt, to face your problems or laugh at yourself,
   Learn climbing up your hill, reaching the top without be stuck on any shelf.
   We wish you all the best in all your decision-making and good luck, too.
   Enjoy the sunshine of your life, follow your heart and we know your dreams will come true.

Pink minigarden and joyful wishes for our nephew's birthday

We wish a Joyful and Happy Birthday to my nephew, who reaches the age of majority!

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