April 13, 2012

Easter Eggs

The value of fashioned, painted or beaded Easter Eggs was evidenced from ancient times up to nowadays by thousands of stunning artworks produced every spring, before the Easter time.

 Painted eggs exhibition - with traditional symbols

Some of them were saved over from destruction ( I'm talking about real eggs whose preparation is kind of challenging), becoming real gems in personal collections, or cultural patrimony objects belonging to numerous exhibitions, museums and other institutions from Romania and from elsewhere - wish you to be lucky enough to see one of these.

 Fashioned eggs exhibition - with traditional symbols

The eggs have associated with the universe and the rebirth of life and were part of the rituals in many cultures: Babylonian, Egyptian, Greeks, Romans and Chinese, being used as symbol of regenerative life in spring festivals and featuring elements of nature: birds, animals and mini-lanscapes.

 Fashioned eggs exhibition - with natural symbols

Out of the tales, is said that the most symbols used in Painting-Easter-Eggs Art are originated in Christian and Pagan Religions. The red color is associated with the blood of Christ and the design has various meanings:
carved and painted wood-egg- the Easter Cross and the Star give a good meaning to your life,
- a vertical line means happiness in life, a double line - eternity,
- an ondulate line is a measure of purity,
- a spiral is a union with eternity
- and a double spiral line signify the continuity between life and death.
  Artur Gorovei  had described some traditional techniques and the chromatic code used by Romanian artists when painting regular or wooden eggs in his book  "Easter Eggs/ Ouale de Pasti" .  Of course, it is no way to tell the real story foot-marked in the memory of ages and in the darkness of the history. You may trace some symbols and signification from your ancestral heritage and, like a puzzle,  to make a truthiness story according to yours intuition and perception. Nowadays, on Easter, the blending of symbology connect people of various religions, and, whatever is your root, it continues to represent the spirit of rebirth, of continual life and of the love.

 hand-painted Easter eggs

Let's celebrate Easter again together with those we hold most dear;
may all of us find new joy, peace and happiness.
Paste Fericit! Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter from RomaniaMagicLand team

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