April 5, 2012

Remember Amza Pellea

April 7th, 2012 marks the commemoration of 81 years since the birth of Amza Pellea, a real Titan of the Romanian Stand-up Comedy.  Of course, it is difficult to measure his contribution to the Romanian art and culture, and there are many Romanians  whom are still listen with pleasure his plays.  You may read more about his stunning acting performances in my previous post:  Amza Pellea, the Magnificent Actor .

"Happy moments with Nea Marin / Momente vesele cu Nea Marin", " Suca in the army / Suca la Armata""An Oltenian Busisness / O Afacere Olteneasca", "Nea Marin and the witches / Nea Marin si Vrajitoarele" " Nea Marin to the cinema/ Nea Marin la cinematograf",  " Driver and Pedestrian / Automobilist si Pieton""Licu's horse/ Armasaru' lui Licu"  and "The man who laid an egg / Omul care a facut un ou"  are just few examples of his plays. 

Amza Pelea - Nea Marin and candies / Nea Marin si bomboanele

"Uncle Marin / Nea Marin" remains a character that portrays an archetypal Oltenian peasant who always captivated the listeners with his playful manner to share his comical thoughts and memories.

"It's a trait of character of the Romanian People to make fun by themselves, sometimes even in trouble. / E o trasatura specifica poporului roman de a face haz, cateodata chiar de necaz"Amza Pellea

Amza Pelea - The man who laid an egg / Omul care a facut un ou

" Nea Marin from over the Olt River / Nea Marin de peste Olt"  and " Happy Moments with Amza Pellea / Momente Vesele cu Amza Pelea"  are just two of my favorites disks under Electrecord copyright.  The comedy movie “Uncle Marin, the Billionaire / Nea Marin Miliardar” marked just the moment of glory of this beloved character.

Uncle Marin, the Billionaire / Nea Marin Miliardar

Amza Pellea gifted the Romanians with happiness and helped them to regain their joy of living in the harsh years of communism era. In recognition of his legendary contribution to the Romanian Theater, he became last year Member of the Hall of Fame of the National Theater in Bucharest.

I'm always knelling on the glorious grandeur of his Majesty!  

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