May 7, 2012

Sara pe Deal, by Mihai Eminescu

 Flock of Sheep in the evening on Romanian hills
Shepperd with a  Flock of Sheep, in the evening, on the hillside

Evening on the hill, mourning horn sounds
Flocks of sheep climb it, twinkle stars follow them in their way,
Springs mourn clearly, flowing to the water wells,
Under a locust-tree, you are waiting for me, my dearly.

The moon is clearing a holy path to the heaven
Your big-eyes are looking through the seldom foliage, watching ahead
The stars glimmer over the serene vault of the heaven
The longing lies in your breast, the thoughts bulge out on your forehead.

Clouds vault, splitting rays from their floating strings
Old house-eaves are raised to the moon,
The sweep well squeak in the winds,
Fumes over the valley, whistles moan in sheepfold.

Peasants are carrying their scythes to shoulders
When come back from the field; with a chop stroke
Bells fill the evening from everywhere, raising the sounds;
My soul burns like a flame, trembling with love.

Ah! The quiet steals by the village in the valley,
Ah! My steps rush soon towards thee,
Under the locust-tree, we will sit the whole night,
For hours I will tell you how beloved are you to me.

We will lean each to the other our heads,
And dream-smiling will fall into sleep under the high
Old locust-tree. For such a full-of-love night
Who would not give his entire life?

" Evening on the Hill" / "Sara pe Deal "  is a very popular poem, which was wrote by Mihai Eminescu in  1885.  His verses were featured over the years in so many spectacles,  festivals of music and poetry, or tuned videos. I like the next video based on "Sara pe Deal" song composed by Vasile Popovici and interpreted  by Tudor Gheorghe in his series of Season's albums.

Is said that this poem was also source of inspiration for the image painted on salt behind the Mihai Eminescu's bust from Unirea Salt Mine , Slanic Prahova.  I've already translated the verses in English some months earlier, but now it's the full version (I hope it convey the message). 

Mihai Eminescu bust and paint on salt, Unirea Salt Mine, Slanic Prahova
Mihai Eminescu bust and paint on salt, Unirea Salt Mine, Slanic Prahova

Sara pe deal buciumul suna cu jale,
Turmele-l urc, stele le scapara-n cale,
Apele plang, clar izvorand in fantane;
Sub un salcam, draga, m-astepti tu pe mine.

Luna pe cer trece-asa sfanta si clara,
Ochii tai mari cauta-n frunza cea rara,
Stelele nasc umezi pe bolta senina,
Pieptul de dor, fruntea de gânduri ti-e plina.

Nourii curg, raze-a lor siruri despica,
Stresine vechi casele-n luna ridica,
Scartaie-n vant cumpana de la fantana,
Valea-i in fum, fluiere murmura-n stana.

Si osteniti oameni cu coasa-n spinare
Vin de la camp; toaca rasuna mai tare,
Clopotul vechi imple cu glasul lui sara,
Sufletul meu arde-n iubire ca para.

Ah! in curand satul in vale-amuteste;
Ah! in curand pasu-mi spre tine grabeste:
Langa salcam sta-vom noi noaptea intreaga,
Ore întregi spune-ti-voi cat imi esti draga.

Ne-om razima capetele-unul de altul
Si surazand vom adormi sub inaltul,
Vechiul salcam. Astfel de noapte bogata,
Cine pe ea n-ar da viata lui toata?

Seara pe deal - Evening on the Romanian hills, Prahova County

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