June 5, 2012

1964 Highlights from Romania

With the intention to continue my insignificant journey alongside the well-preserved magical scenery of Romania, this time I'll feature 1964's delights of Romania, as they've been presented in an historic video-clip named "RUMANIA"  by "British Pathe", one of the oldest media company of the world (they have all rights for it).

I really enjoy to share with you highlights of 1964's Romanian countryside, Carpathian Mountains (including Transfagarasan Road), Monasteries and Churches of Moldavia, and landmarks of Bucharest, Mamaia or Poiana Brasov.

 Transfagarasan Road, Romania
Transfagarasan Road

I know that Rumania "For some it could be love at first sight" (as said the video-clip's narrator) and I love to (once again) recall the magic of Romania's sightseeing environment in this special day, when the entire world celebrates the green environment (today is  40's celebration of the "World Environment Day" ).

Happy "World Environment Day"!

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